Lose 10 pounds in a week - Day 6

Day 6 - Vegetables and Rice

Its another vegetable day but your allowed to have a small bowl of boiled rice with vegetable. Again you must not use any type of oil, butter or cheese. Vegetable salad and diet soup recipes are available on Day 2 and Day 4 Hubs.
You also have to follow the code:
  • Drink at least 10 glass of water in whole day.
  • Do not eat anything not recommended in this weight loss diet plan. 

Lose 10 pounds in a week - Day 6 Menu

1 Small Bowl (Boiled)
Salad or Soup
10 Glass of Water

Day 6 Add- Ons

Like i said before Green Tea is the best weight loss Tea but if your addicted to coffee then your allowed to have coffee without milk or sugar.
Secondly i recommended a 15 min brisk walk daily, you should also continue that and increase time if you can. In case of any weakness go hard on your diet. Remember there are no eating restrictions as long as you follow the code. i.e No oil or fatty food. Eat boiled vegetables or the salad i recommended in earlier hub.
Most probably you'll also loose some weight around your arms so here is a great exercise to tone your arms. You can continue this exercise even after the diet plan, its great workout for sexy looking arms.

Diet check list

I would like to add few things after reviewing feed back from readers.
Basic things are not changed its still a rice and vegetables day. You are required to drink 10 glass of water . Make sure you are not taking water and rice together, at least 1 hour interval is recommended. You can have water before any meal bit try to avoid gulping water after meals.
You can mix vegetable and rice but do not fry or over cook your vegetables. Vegetables are best consumed raw. Cooking vegetables for too long will reduce its health benefits.
If you have any medical condition that may directly or indirectly effect your weight, then consult a doctor. Readers with thyroid issue can refer to my diet plan for hypothyroidism. Even with a great diet you still need medication for these issues. If you suspect that you are not loosing weight despite reasonable effort then get a full body check up just to be sure that every thing it working fine.