Weight Loss Success Stories: Jess Lost an Amazing 60kg After Gastric Sleeve

She beat the odds, lost the weight and transform her life. At 177cm, Jess,19 weigh 150kg (330lbs). She had a Gastric Sleeve in April 2011 and has lost a total of 69.8kgs(153lbs) a year later. She shares her story in Soldiering-On.

Losing weight has remove some of Jess' extra roundness from the cheeks and jawline 

What made you decide to lose weight?
I had been considering bariatric surgery for quite some time, but wasn’t really serious until I began getting heart palpitations. They used to wake me in the middle of the night, and I was truly afraid that I was going to have a heart attack. All that fat and sugar coursing through my veins was ridiculous, no wonder my body couldn’t handle that!

Jess' body transformation

Share to us your workouts
I started Crossfit in the middle of January. It’s a strength and conditioning program, involving weights, cardio etc to give a totally rounded fitness/strength workout. It has improved my fitness out of sight!!
Can you tell us about your fitness levels when you started crossfit?
I’d only been doing walking every few days and dance once a week. So pretty much nothing. I still can’t do a chest to ground pushup. I can’t do a pullup at all. But I work towards it. Everything is scaled to what you can do.

Jess' weight loss tips
I have the MOST trouble on weekends, when the gym is closed and I’m at home. It’s hard to stay out of the fridge. That’s why I keep myself occupied all day every day out and about to stop myself from eating all the time.

Jess before weight loss
Jess after weight loss

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