How Corrine Lost an Amazing 50 Pounds Without Diet Pills

Corrine is always dreamed of being skinny. But now, it's turning into a reality.

This is another amazing weight loss success story you need to motivate you along the way as you lose. She started her weight loss journey weighing 213 pounds. By watching what she ate and exercising, she have lost an enormous 58 pounds. 

From fat to fit: Corinne now and then

Corrine shares in her blog, Weight Loss and Corinne how she won the battle. This is just a snippets from her blog. Visit Corrine's blog to knows more about her and her weight loss. All pictures are belong to Corinne.

1. Weigh yourself every day
You might agree, you might disagree, but weighing myself everyday keeps me in control. We are all different, I know, but if you are a little impulsive and not very moderate (like me), weighing yourself every day helps. At least weigh yourself once a week. Pick one day that will be the “official weigh-in” day.

2. Be ready to make sacrifices
I am not saying weight loss should take over your life, but you must set your priorities straight. You have to think about yourself, not others. You are doing this for you! I made a sacrifice by cutting down my social life a little, I had to. I can’t follow my friends every where, I can’t eat what they eat and I don’t want to drink alcohol, it’s a choice I had to make and it’s working. Your friends will understand (and your wallet will thank you).

3. Drink a lot of water

I drink 3 to 4 litres a day.

Yes, I am always in the bathroom, but my cellulite has almost disappeared, my skin is almost perfect and I feel hydrated.

It also helps to flush out the toxins of your body. Read about it! It’s great!

4. The gym is as important as the diet
I go to the gym 5 times a week: it’s a capital rule and I almost never break it (there are exceptions). You don’t have to go 5 times or become a workout freak, you simply have to be active. But if you work out like a crazy person and still eat like a pig, it’s not going to work, you want to create a deficit in your overall calories for the day.

Corrine's workout list

5. Count your calories
This one is going to get me in trouble, but counting my calories led me to lose 50 pounds. Get informed about your BMR (basal metabolic rate or how many calories you burn daily without lifting a finger). You want to eat 500 calories less than that number or burn 500 calories a day, everyday and after a week, that equals to 3500 calories. 3500 calories is a pound so there you go! One pounds lost. My BMR is 2490 calories, because I work out 5 times a week. If I did no physical activity, it would be at 1606 calories. So I try to eat around 1600 calories a day, no more. That brings me to a deficit of around 800 calories a day (probably a little less), so a deficit of 5600 calories for a week, which equals to half a pound lost per week. I know it’s overwhelming but it’s science, it’s facts. It’s not a fad diet, it’s not actual facts. Eat less, lose more.

6. Allow yourself to cheat
It’s okay to cheat. It’s all right. You’ll need it every once in a while. I cheated, I cheat and I will cheat. You want to stay sane. But remember to cheat in moderation. Eat a piece of cake, not the whole thing. Eat a portion of chinese chicken, not the whole plate.

7. Remember you are doing this for life
Don’t cut everything out of your diet. You’ll never survive your whole life without carbs. You need dairy products to survive. You won’t go without sugar for a whole year! I know I wouldn’t. You need to eat in moderation.

8. Write down goals 
Start with a big one: “I want to lose 40 pounds by May 9th 2012″. Then, go to smaller ones: “This week, I will stop eating after 7PM”, “This week, I’ll be going to the gym every two days” or “This week, I won’t be drinking alcohol”. Succeeding smaller goals will make you feel capable and bring you strength, the strength you need to achieve your big goal! Most importantly, never, ever, ever give up. NEVER GIVE UP. YOU CAN DO THIS.

9. Tell friends and family about it 
Once you are sure you want to do this and you have decided it’s worth it, talking to close friends and to your family will bring you support. It’s hard doing this alone. My roommate, Virginie helped me in ways I can’t explain, and she still helps me to this day. I don’t think I could of done it without her. It’s harder for me to share it with my family, because it brings me a lot of pressure, but the fact that they know I am working on myself makes me proud. If you’d rather not share it with people you know, there are thousands of blogs and weight loss communities on the internet. Start your blog, join a forum! There are endless options.

10. Remember you are doing this for yourself
Yourself only. People will judge, people will talk, people will try to take you down and some people won’t like the new you. But WHO CARES. This is your life. It might even help you weed out the good friends from the bad: those who stick with you are the ones you can count on. You know when it’s too much, you know if it’s not enough. You live in your body and you know what it’s like. Every one has their struggle and this is yours, so down let anyone try to take you away from your goals (and your awesome future bikini body).

Do you know any great weight loss success story? Or do you have an inspirational story about your own weight loss? We want to know your weight loss secrets! give others an inspiration and motivation to lose weight today.