Can apple cider vinegar help weight loss?

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

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Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss is not a new trend, though it is gaining popularity like a fad. You are wondering: will I lose weight with apple cider vinegar?
I will get to it in a bit.
I was first introduced to apple cider vinegar by a friend, who mentioned it as a dietary supplement. I listened to her, and forgot all about it once I got home. A few years passed. As my interest in healthy living grew, I came across an article about the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar, and remembered the words of my friend.
I freshly began the research and I was very surprised by the variety of benefits offered by Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).
(UPDATE: I am so impressed by ACV that I have written a book "Magical Apple Cider Vinegar". The link to the book is at the end of this article.)

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for many things:
  • Warts
  • Headaches, nausea
  • Skin care
  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes
  • Hair loss
  • Household clearning
  • Healthy cooking
  • Pet care
In this article, let's see how Apple Cider Vinegar can help in losing weight fast, guaranteed. 
We will cover: 

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar can detox your body. The detoxification is very easy to do.


You don't need to drink too much of apple cider vinegar to get weight loss benefits. Just mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup (16 ounces) of water and drink it between one and three times a day, ideally before meal. I prefer to drink it first thing in the morning after waking up, and then an hour before each meal.


If you are just starting out with ACV, add only 1 tsp to a cup of water initially, and drink it ONCE a day. Get used to the taste. Gradually increase it to 2 tsp and then to 3 tsp in a cup of water and increase the frequency to twice a day.
If you don't like the taste, you can add a bit of honey to it.
You can also have it with your tea. Just add two tablespoons of vinegar and honey or maple syrup to boiling water and add tea.
Go slow and notice the signs your body is showing. You should begin to feel energetic in a day or two. You may even notice the growing urge to visit the bathroom. This is because - you are drinking more water, and your body is getting rid of toxins.
You will notice that your digestion has improved. You won't feel bloated anymore. With better digestion, your body is able to break down fat better, absorb nutrients easily, resulting in higher energy levels.

How does it work?

There has been some research to find out how the apple cider vinegar works to help you reduce weight, but it is not very clear how it works.
The most common explanation is that the vinegar works by suppressing the appetite. This is because it contains organic acids and enzymes. These increase the metabolism rate, which is nothing but the speed at which body burns fat. It also reduces water retention and make you feel refreshed.
Then there is one more explanation. Vinegar lowers the rise of blood sugar. This means that our body produces less insulin. There's ample medical evidence to suggest that lower insulin levels encourage weight loss.
Whatever the method used, there are many people who have benefited from it.

How Long Should I take Apple Cider Vinegar
Remember, apple cider vinegar is a natural product. Research shows that it results in weight loss. But it is gradual. But the good news is the effect is permanent.

If you were looking for immediate weight loss, this may not be for you. The results are slow but steady.
Each person maintains a different lifestyle and eating habits. Their genetical composition is different, as is their body-mass index. This makes it difficult to predict the speed and extent of weight loss. Some people have lost 4 to 6 pounds within a month of beginning to drink apple cider vinegar.
Some people have lost weight faster than others.
The results will vary. What is important is to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
You can continue to drink ACV even after achieving your weight loss goal.

Can I continue to eat junk food while taking vinegar, and still lose weight? 
No! While no drastic change in diet is required, you will do well to stay away from fried food and anything that contains too much fat.

Speed Up Your Weight Loss

While 1 pound of weight loss a month may sound slow, there are ways to lose weight faster.
As I said earlier, avoid fatty food. Instead, focus on the following food groups and healthy tips that can help you lose weight faster.
  • More exercise: Try to walk about 20 to 40 minutes a day, five days a week. It is increase your metabolism. Our metabolic rate is like the fuel efficiency of a car. Compare two cars - one with higher fuel efficiency than the other. Less fuel-efficient car will consume more fuel for the same distance compared to the other car. Similarly, if you exercise regularly, you will have higher metabolism, which means, your body will burn more fat.
  • More potassium: Eat banana. It is high in potassium. It reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure. Many other fruits are high in potassium.
  • Less sugar: Agreed fruits contain sugar, but if you eat them within limits, then this tip will not contradict with the previous tip. Make sure you are eating less refined sugar.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There are so many benefits of apple cider vinegar that I will be writing another article about it, and put a link to it here. 
In the meantime, here are the benefits in brief:
Apple cider vinegar contains fibers (fibres). Fibers are essential for weight loss because they absorb toxins and fat and remove them from the body. They also help lower blood pressure and increase  metabolism. They also help improve the bowel movement. 
It helps to maintain the acid-alcaline balance (pH factor) of the body, protecting you from common cold, and helping you recover faster from minor illnesses
it contains plenty of antioxidants that help prevent cancer and are effective anti-ageing agents.
Pick up organic apples for making apple cider vinegar.
Pick up organic apples for making apple cider vinegar.

How to make Apple Cider Vinegar

Steps for making Apple Cider Vinegar at home
If you are a city dweller, it may be a bit difficult to make Apple Cider Vinegar at home. A better option would be to buy Apple Cider Vinegar online.
However, for country folks, making Apple Cider Vinegar at home is not only easy but also offers a better health outcome, since your apple cider vinegar will be organic. Remember, you will need winter or fall variety of apples. You cannot use summer apples as these don't contain enough sugar.
Typically, there are four steps for making ACV at home:
First, make a cider from ripe apples from your garden, or buy organic apples from the market. Crush apples and strain the juice. You can add a little bit of yeast to help fermentation. Use very small quantity of yeast.
Yeast fermentation: You need to wait for the process to change fruit sugar to alcohol. To achieve this, fill container to about 3 quarters and stir it every day. Fermentation will take about a month. Avoid direct sunlight.
Acetic acid fermentation: Waiting for a week will help the alcohol to covert to acetic acid.
Finally, you will need to clarify the acetic acid to avoid further fermentation. To do this, filter the vinegar with many layers of cheesecloth or coffee filter.
Now enjoy your vinegar. Make sure you store it away from sunlight. One last tip: heat the vinegar before storing - this will almost let you store it indefinitely.
Now, before you get all excited and go out to get apples, remember a few things.
  • You need to stir the juice every day. Can you commit to this? If you fail to stir it while making it, your apple cider vinegar will not form because it will not get enough oxygen.
  • Ideal temperature for making apple cider vinegar is about 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower or higher temperature will prevent the fermentation process from taking place.
  • Avoid metal container for making vinegar. Use only glass, plastic, wood, enamel, or stainless steel containers. In fact, avoid metal for storage too.

Which Apple Cider Vinegar Should I buy?

This is a topic for another article - and I have written an article - see the box on the right =>
But here's a short answer. Buy the one made of organic apples, if you can.
You can even make apple cider vinegar at home. But I would highly recommend buying ACV from the market if you are just starting out and haven't used apple cider vinegar before. This will help you familiarize yourself with the taste of good apple cider vinegar.

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