Armpit hair on women. Do you love it or hate it?

A little while ago I wrote a couple of lighthearted articles called The Top 10 Passion Killers for Men and The Top 10 Passion Killers for Women. Never could I have guessed the amount of comments I would receive on one of the passion killers listed in my top 10 passion killers for men article, and that was 'armpit hair on women'. It seems that there are still a fair few people both male and female, who think there is nothing horrible about hairy armpits on a woman at all, and that any resulting odour is only a natural woman smell. That said, I also received a large amount of comments supporting the idea that armpit hair is not nice, and that it encourages body odour, as well as being very unattractive. This is what has prompted me to write this short article, mainly in order to get a better idea through a poll, of whether the majority of people (male or female) think armpit hair on a woman is nice or nasty. Of course I could simply have added a poll to the original article, but I felt that to do that would detract from the other things on the list it contained, therefore it would be far better to create a new topically focused article instead. Here is the result!

The Case For Armpit Hair

The case for armpit hair on women appears to consist of a few regular statements made by commenters on the subject, (I have say some some of these comments put forward a very doubtful argument and I don't agree with many of them) :
  • Armpit hair is natural and should therefore be left alone
  • Any associated odour is only the 'natural smell of a woman'
  • Women need armpit hair
  • Hairy armpits on a woman are sexy
  • Hairy armpits are a sign of health and confidence
  • Hairy armpits on a woman are a 'turn on' for men
  • Any man refusing a date with a girl because she displays hairy pits is immature and does not deserve a girlfriend
  • Armpit hair is a sign of maturity
  • Women with armpit hair are confident intelligent people
  • Shaving increases the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs

The Case Against Armpit Hair

The case against armpit hair on women as made by commenters consists largely of statements such as:
  • Hairy armpits trap sweat resulting in body odour
  • Armpit hair on ladies looks horrible
  • Men mostly find women with hairy armpits a turn off
  • Hairy armpits look masculine
  • Greek statues of women in antiquity had no pubic hair, suggesting that hairlessness was an ideal of feminine beauty
  • It is part of the Western Culture for women to have shaven armpits
  • "Not many men when they first meet a girl go for the yetti look"
  • It's just part of living in civilised society
  • "I think a woman's armpit area is a very sensual place, and not shaving it takes away from that"
  • "I would not want to be with a woman that looks like she is smuggling Chewbacca (from Star Wars) under her arm."
  • Armpit hair is no longer required because we are gradually evolving and losing our body hair. We no longer need it for warmth because we have clothes
  • Certain religions call for women to be clean shaven
So now you have an idea of the two schools of thought on the subject of armpit hair on women it is your turn to vote on what you think. I hope that over the coming months we will begin to see a general consensus of opinion via the poll results below, and this will give us a far better idea of what the majority think about women with armpit hair. I look forward to seeing the results the polls begin to produce as the days go on, not that it will change the way I operate, I am definitely in the 'hair free armpits' club.