7 Ways to Help Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Loose skin occurs after pregnancy, aging, extreme or fast weight loss and demands solutions that are effective.

After all of the exercising and dieting to finally lose weight we are now on a mission to tighten and tone loose skin all over our body and face. I can only imagine what you have been going through with the frustrations of losing weight, just to have to deal with loose skin.
Loose skin on our bodies can be embarrassing especially in the summer and warmer times of the year when we wear less clothing. Our whole life seems like a big charade when we have to camouflage our bodies in public and with our own family.
The reason we lose weight can range to just wanting to look good, changing our health status or qualifying for a job. The most important element is that it has to be achieved for ourselves.
Your journey to weight loss has bought you here and I want to give you the best and most useful information I can find. I am so proud of how far you have gotten. I hope you are proud too. So don’t beat yourself up about your loose skin. You are a winner.

What Causes Loose Skin?

Your skin is affected by our age, health, genetics and how fast you lose weight. Some people have lost weight successfully without the loose skin and many have not. This is why eating right is so important. Our bodies are not all created equal. This knowledge will help some avoid have less loose skin in the weight loss process.
  • Losing weight really fast will not allow your skin the time to adjust and tighten especially if you are starving yourself or eating unhealthy food.
  • Not allowing your body and skin to be properly hydrated to give the skin the moisture it needs, will cause it to lose elasticity.
Your skin is a living organism and cannot be disregarded as an unimportant object. It took time to gain weight and with patience, it will take time to lose it. Remember instant gratification has its consequences and benefits.

What to Do About Loose Skin after Weight Loss?

After losing a lot of weight our smaller bodies become trapped in layers of skin from our former self. We feel and look better but we just traded one frustration for another when it comes to loose skin.
Avoid all forms of quick fix methods to avoid unhealthy weight loss and risking losing skin elasticity. Just because you found a way to lose weight fast doesn’t mean its safe and without consequences. Loose skin can offset your great results and your weight loss may only be temporary.

Learn the best ways to tighten skin after losing weight…

We can help avoid having as much loose skin by losing weight in a healthy manner, especially if you need to lose a lot of weight. The heavier you are, the slower you need to lose weight.
Source: www.amoils.com

7 Ways to Help Tighten, Tone or Firm Loose Skin after Losing Weight

There are ways to keep skin tight, firm and toned before and after your weight loss. I’m sure you can agree our physical state is a result of what we put in it.
  1. Drink water to keep skin hydrated. Skin must be hydrated to maintain elasticity.
  2. Light weight lifting to maintain muscle and aid in keeping your skin toned and firm.
  3. Exercising and eating right will help add muscle and make skin become more firm and toned.
  4. Adding healthy fish oils or taking omega 3 supplements will heighten the integrity of your skin.
  5. Cocoa butter and vitamin E are natural oils that will help the skin become supple and aid in shrinking and tone when used on a daily basis at least 2 times a day.
  6. Eat healthy foods to allow your skin to become healthy along with the layers underneath. The more unhealthy foods you eat the less likely your skin can perform optimally. What you eat has a lot to do with your skins ability to tighten.
  7. Body Wraps and stimulating gels are used by entertainers and patrons for their firming and toning powers. They are also used to aid in weight loss and contouring the body with defining and stimulating properties. Skin is massaged with special gels or cream then wrapped. Body wrapping treatments enhance the contour of your body as well as enhance the texture and tone of your skin.

More on body wraps…

Using body wraps and firming lotions will work more efficiently while giving you faster results and longer benefits if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Supplying your body with nutrition will enhance your benefits.
Body wrapping systems can be used on your face and all over your body focusing on your problem areas; people have noticed results as soon as 45 minutes. Treating your skin like the magnificent organism it is will reflect through the results you get in your journey to a tighter, firmer and toner you.
Learning how to tighten, tone and firm loose skin after weight loss is a decision and a commitment. Good Luck to you and your journey!


As you can see the secrets to healthy tighter, firmer and more toned skin is complexed but attainable. Take care of your body from the inside with healthy foods, exercise and plenty of water. A great skin care regimen will keep your skin healthy enough to get the best benefits from the best body wrapping systems or skin tightening products.Healthy nutrients in your body along with exercise will aid in the skins ability to shrink and firm during weight loss.