Discover the 2 Best Ways to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

We all know that having that extra layer of ugly belly fat hanging around our waist is simply not cool, isn't it? To be honest with you, it is not easy as what I've been through But it is also not impossible for you to achieve. Let me share with you in this article the 2 best ways to lose stomach fat fast which I have significant results after following diligently.
Diet control
You are what you eat! Don't you agreed? Developed a good dietary habit is the first goal you have to achieve. By eating several smaller meals which include lots of veggies and fruits, lean proteins can be assured an increased of your body metabolism rate.
Slowly cut down Or if you can stop totally, on your intake of bad food choice liked fast foods, soft drinks, tit bits, all kind of processed or junk foods and also the killer beverages - Beer.
A word of caution, do not try to take slimming pills or resort in starving yourself. This is a sure NO NO please. Not only it is not the best way to lose stomach fat fast, it will bring greater harm to your body or even results in gaining an extra layer of stomach fat.
Regular exercise
With the right dietary habit above, next is to draft out a regular exercise plan liked mine is 3 times per week. Instead of focusing on just cardio and crunches, I used high intensity interval training recommended by my friend. I was simply amazed by the tremendous result I get and I strongly encourage you to do the same.
Do not be mistaken that by simply doing hundreds of crunches will let you achieve a lean 6-pack abs. At this stage, what you want is to lose that layer of stomach fat and not muscle building.
So here is my 2 best way to lose stomach fat fast which you can start adopting and build a strong, sexy 6-pack abs. All you need is strict disciplined, determination and perseverance and you will be a happy man/woman after a month or two.

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